Plaster Tables: Choose the Right Plaster Finish

Plaster Tables: Choose the Right Plaster Finish

Our plaster products have a strong handmade quality and they can bring a touch of nature to any interior, traditional or modern. 

If you are interested in one of our tables but you can't decide about which texture you should choose, we are here to help you.

All surfaces have a texture, it is the way in which you use them and what texture you chose that can determine the way your space will feel. Smooth, shiny textures reflect more light so they create a cool impression, soft raised textures absorb more light which conveys a sense of warmth.

The underlying material of plaster is typically made from naturally occurring limestone (calcium carbonate) or gypsum (calcium sulfate). It’s mined, cooked, and ground into a powder and when ready to use, mixed with water.  

Fresh plaster has to be completely dry (generally it takes 5-6 days) before we prime and paint it for extra protection/durability. An eggshell paint we use provides a washable surface for plaster that also resists abrasion and scuffing. That said, the finish is still porous in nature and similar to marble should avoid red wine, citrus, etc. Spot cleaned with a baby wipe or dust with a microfiber cloth.

Plaster is also an eco-friendly product that doesn’t emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are bad for air quality. It can’t support the growth of mold, and it has no impact on a landfill. 

Here are the different types of textures and options you can choose from: 



As the name suggests, we need a trowel to achieve this texture. It's very basic, simple to create and it also does not require a high amount of skill. It is troweled down and finished using quick floating strokes. 

Trowel plaster finish

Wabi plaster side table in trowel finish



By smoothing out troweled surface, we achieve signature chalk-white look.

Smoothed trowel plaster finish 

Bello plaster console in smoothed trowel finish



We paint plaster onto our tables in layers with a brush, therefore it shows a lot of brush strokes. No sanding necessary.

Raw plaster finish

Freya plaster footstool in raw finish 



A smooth finish, also known as a fine cement based finish, is one of the most difficult textures to achieve and is also the most popular among our clients.

To achieve a nice smooth finish, it's essential to sand the table repeatedly. 

This texture is also great for any room in any style. If you like a simple and minimalist finish, then this texture is great for you. Aside from that, it can also give a consistent look to your room compared to other textures. It's easiest to clean among all textures, too.

smooth finish

Smooth plaster finish 


 Lucy plaster console in smooth finish

Marit plaster console in smooth finish

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