refinish & refresh

refinish guide

Like a Cycladic or old Spanish home we understand that your plaster masterpiece may need to be refreshed with time - because your table already has a structural three coat plaster - this guide will show you how to refinish and refresh your object using mineral paint, which is a very thin plaster.

matte mineral paint

Mineral Paints are naturally gorgeous and have a luminous quality that makes colors have a beauty like no other. They are made from sustainable, mineral based ingredients that will create the healthiest home. The potassium silicates micro-crystallize onto the surface, continuously absorbing CO2, and cleans the air in your home for years. The best part is it is highly durable and washable. 

Traditional plaster white is called "grace note"

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mineral paint primer

Versatile, durable, & long-lasting. Organic, mineral primer paint that serves as a universal non-acrylic primer. Recommended primer for Romabio Interior paints. Toxin-free and environmentally friendly.

Apply primer + paint with high density foam roller for best results.

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cork sanding block

Although optional - backing your sandpaper with a cork sanding block allows you to reach a good middle-ground between the rigidity of a wood or plastic block, which helps to achieve a flatter surface, and the sensitivity of just using your fingers, which allows for following the acceptable undulations of a larger surface so as to finish the sanding more quickly.

Use 600 grit sandpaper or higher.

mineral shield

Mineral Shield is an invisible top coating that locks and protects beautiful Romabio mineral paint finishes from natural patina, or weathering created by water. Unlike other products, Mineral Shield will not change the sheen of the finish or texture of the surface, thus preserving the beauty of a Romabio paint application.

This process can be repeated indefinitely and each new coat adds character.

alternative finish

romobio microgrip + lime paint from color atelier