Product Care

Thank you for choosing öken house studios product(s).

Please review the below care information to be sure our plaster pieces are a good fit for your space & feel free to message us with any other questions.

We believe in simple, common sense care for our product(s). With a little attention to detail, we're confident you can keep your new furniture in top shape for years to come.

We will not refund or replace a product where in our reasonable opinion the piece has, following the sale to you, become of unacceptable quality due to normal wear and tear, misuse, improper maintenance, neglect, or accident or caused by use of the plaster piece for activities other than normal household activities.

Our plaster pieces are treated with a transparent protective coating; however, if spills occur, wipe with a soft, damp, clean cloth.

If necessary, our products can be re-plastered using a quartz primer and coarse lime based plaster.

However, because your table already has a three coat plaster we recommend doing a refinish using "Romabio" mineral paint (which is essentially a very thin plaster) for two reasons, you may find it very satisfactory and two it helps fully mineralize the surface for a new coat of coarser plaster. 

See Refinish Page Here 

To "re-finish" begin with the Romabio Microgrip Primer + Matte Mineral Paint (grace note/avario white color) + if satisifed sand with a 600 grit sandpaper for a very smooth and scuff free surface + if everyone looks good seal with Romabio mineral shield sealer. 

Although one of the benefits of re-plastering with a coarse plaster is the table can become even more interesting with additional coats.

If you prefer, and shipping is covered, we will refinish or re-plaster any product for a small fee (cost of material) that are sent to us. Although we do recommend re-finishing first before taking this step, if possible. 

Please contact us if you have any questions. 

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