Product Care

Thank you for choosing Öken House Studios product(s).

We believe in simple, common sense care for our product(s). With a little attention to detail, we're confident you can keep your new furniture in top shape for years to come.

Please review the below for care information & feel free to message us with any other questions:

- To clean surface wipe with a slightly damp cloth/paper towel. Harsh chemicals/commercial cleaning products are not recommended.
- Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work great for light scuff marks.
- Tests have been done with washable magic marker, coffee, wine spills and surfaces were wiped clean with the above method (note: do not leave drink stains on for long, this is not tested or recommended).
- Use coasters as often as possible, especially if the piece will be used in a high traffic area.
- Do not place your plaster furniture in direct sunlight or near a heat register. We recommend placing your piece(s) in a cool, dry room.
- Plaster items not intended for outdoor use.


Öken House Studios accepts no responsibility for damages caused by persons following the cleaning and care procedures listed in these instructions. This is simply advice and you should always contact the manufacturer if you are ever in doubt regarding the care of your plaster product(s).